Phalanx is Now Phanes. Our Growth and New Emphasis

When I first launched this website my intention was to focus on the more traditionally male aspects of spirituality, most especially on martial arts. Over the last year or so, however, the site has changed and developed — as, no doubt, have I. Early contributors have moved on to new projects, and new writers have begun contributing. Consequently, there’s been a shift in emphasis — in this case toward spirituality and esotericism in general — with articles on Sufism, music, mythology, self-development, and so on. 

While we’ll still be looking at subjects such as martial arts and self-development, and while articles will still be published regularly, I’m intending to focus a little more on interviews with practitioners and authors representing spiritual and esoteric traditions from Hermeticism and Kabbalah to Sufism. Going forward, I will also be publishing the interviews in MP3 format and will publish some of the older interviews in the same format.

To reflect the development and growth of the site, I’ve decided to change the name from Phalanx to Phanes. Phanes (Greek: Φάνης, “First Born”) is the ancient Greek primordial deity or force of the generation of new life and is referenced in Jung’s Liber Novus as the “newly appearing god.”

We’re making these changes so that we can remain true to ourselves and express ourselves authentically and creatively. That way we can continue to contribute value to our readers and listeners. Keep checking back, subscribe or like us on Facebook, and look out for new articles and interviews.

Best wishes.

Practitioner of esoteric spirituality, Dharma, and martial arts, Angel Millar is also an author of books on Freemasonry, the occult, and Islam. His writing has also been published by Quest magazine, New Dawn magazine, and Disinfo dot com, among others. You can find out more about him at

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  1. Congratulations on the change in direction and clarity of vision! Finding this site has been a huge encouragement and I look forward to where it goes in the future.

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