Referred to as the “newly appearing god” by Carl Jung, Phanes (Greek: Φάνης, “First Born”) was the ancient Greek primordial deity or force of the generation of new life. This is the essence of this website: The creation of a new life through spirituality; creativity; developing mind, body, and spirit; and focusing on the positive.

No, the world isn’t always or often a rosy place. It’s tough. But with guts and determination, we all possess the power to overcome and mold our own lives for the better. Phanes is about that joyful struggle to overcome and to improve ourselves.

In that spirit, we explore aspects of different traditions, from Asian martial arts to Freemasonry, from the Taoism to Islamic spirituality, and from Western esotericism to Mind Metaphysics.

It is time for us all to try to uplift each other in the face of a system that seems increasingly to want to divide and to drag down. Our hope is that, no matter who you are, you will find something in Phanes to improve your life, and that you will endeavor to help improve the lives of others. If so, you are not just a reader. You are a part of Phanes.