Fauda: An Incomplete Narrative

Sincerity is a universal virtue and it is a necessity in warrior culture. One must be sincere about one’s strengths, one’s weaknesses, an enemy’s strengths and weaknesses and the reasons for the enmity. When a story is told in which characters are portrayed from both sides but the reasons for the antagonists’ actions are so clearly downplayed and even obscured, then we have an incomplete and insincere narrative.

I finished watching the second season of the hit Israeli Action Drama series, Fauda, this weekend. While I enjoyed the plot twists and character development, as well as the acting and the action sequences, something was clearly missing. The protagonists in the series are a team of Israeli operatives hunting down Palestinian terrorists. In the first season, the main antagonist is a leading Hamas operative who is thought to be dead but turns out to be alive, having faked his death. In the second season, the main antagonist is the son of a fallen Hamas leader who decides to take things to a more extreme level and raises the flag of ISIS in Palestine. Continue reading “Fauda: An Incomplete Narrative”

Planting Too Many Seeds

During the early 17th century, pamphlets proclaiming the existence of a mysterious Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross caused a sensation in Europe. Yet, few, if any, were actually accepted into the Brotherhood (if it existed as such), despite a number of public petitions.

It is difficult for us to imagine why this was such a big deal. Today, we are flooded with choices — choices of movies, bars, restaurants, and shops, etc. Likewise, spiritual “traditions,” groups, Orders, sects, and so on, have sprung up in abundance. And if there’s nothing that really suits us, we can just pick from a few traditions, mix them together, and make our own tradition.  Continue reading “Planting Too Many Seeds”

Phalanx is Now Phanes. Our Growth and New Emphasis

When I first launched this website my intention was to focus on the more traditionally male aspects of spirituality, most especially on martial arts. Over the last year or so, however, the site has changed and developed — as, no doubt, have I. Early contributors have moved on to new projects, and new writers have begun contributing. Consequently, there’s been a shift in emphasis — in this case toward spirituality and esotericism in general — with articles on Sufism, music, mythology, self-development, and so on.  Continue reading “Phalanx is Now Phanes. Our Growth and New Emphasis”