Seeing The Good Is a Choice

A few months ago, I made a flying visit to Dallas to present a lecture. Only 30 minutes before I left for the airport did I receive some unwelcome news that could have meant a sharp decline in my income. In the past, I would have been stressed — and the news was certainly unwelcome. But instead of worrying about the future, I focused on what might be a gateway opened to a new adventure and to new possibilities. Nothing is static in life, and it is essential to embrace the future with a positive mind. Continue reading “Seeing The Good Is a Choice”

For it is a Human Number

“Pythagoras and his followers wrote the precepts of their doctrines in cubical arrangement,” we read in Vitruvius’ De Architectura (Book V, Preface), “the cube containing two hundred and sixteen verses, of which they thought that not more than three should be allotted to any one precept.”

Notably, 216 is the result of 6 raised to the third power. Ever since the ancient Chaldeans, the number 6 represented the act of creation, so it was considered to be the perfect number. Again, among the Platonic Solids described in Timaeus is the Cube, a congruent and regular six-square-face polygon, is representative of “Earth” though with a deeper significance. Continue reading “For it is a Human Number”

Angel Millar’s Crescent And The Compass Book Now Available

For readers interested in following my writing outside of Phalanx, I have just released a revised and updated (and I think considerably improved) edition of my Crescent and The Compass: Islam, Freemasonry, Esotericism and Revolution in the Modern Age. It’s available through the usual channels, including here (for the USA) and here (for those in Britain). There is also a forthcoming French edition. Continue reading “Angel Millar’s Crescent And The Compass Book Now Available”